Hosted Payroll Software

Hosted Payroll Software and Solutions from Payroll Business Solutions

Learn about using Accord Payroll as a hosted payroll system and how this saves IT resources and provides smoother updates.

For many companies, it often makes sense to use hosted payroll software as an alternative to installing the software on their own equipment.

Payroll Business Solutions offer payroll software hosting from secure, high performance servers, with which we aim to make your payroll processes easer, more reliable and more cost effective. Also known as Software as a Service (Saas), cloud payroll software, this method of delivery enables you to use the software that you need to process your payroll, without having to worry about data backup or maintaining physical hardware. If you need additional resources as your company grows or changes, you will find our hosted payroll software service to be scalable, flexible and always appropriate to your changing needs.

Hosted payroll solutions from Payroll Business Solutions are suitable for small, large and enterprise level companies.

Benefits you could achieve by using our hosted payroll service include

  • Stable solution, accessible from any location
  • No investment required for physical servers or their maintenance
  • No requirement for ‘redundant’ backup equipment
  • No need for support software such as database systems, firewalls or backup managers
  • Easy software updates, requiring little or no work from you or your support staff
  • Our systems are hosted on high specification server equipment with fast, resilient internet connections

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