On-Premise and Internally Hosted Payroll Software

Accord Payroll Software - HMRC recognised, RTI and pension auto enrolment enabled

Comprehensive and scalable payroll software

Accord Payroll Software has been designed by payroll and accounting professionals who understand the needs of the modern company, rather than by software developers alone.Accord Payroll Software is a fully featured standard solution, but is also highly configurable, because we know that no two companies have the same requirements.

Designed to be robust, and capable of handling large volumes of data, Accord Payroll Software is highly scalable. Currently, several of our clients have over 10 000 employees, but the software is equally suitable for clients with fewer than 10 employees.

With four different data capture methods, integrity and error checking at all stages, and clearly signed posted processes, you will find our payroll software to be exceptionally easy to use. Optional and specialised functionality includes pension payrolls support, CIS support, invoicing and credit control, timesheet data entry and the ability to deliver online payslips and P60s. Our online payslips module, Accord MyPay, also provides web based reporting for managers and payroll staff.

Because we treat payroll as a critical part of your organisation's accounting function, Accord Payroll software offers up to ten levels of accounting analysis. A generous and comprehensive set of standard reports are provided, and the system incorporates several user report generating tools.

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Modular Payroll Solutions for Recruitment and Staffing Agencies

Recruitment Payroll Solutions with email invoicing, CIS payroll support, timesheets, online payslips and other features tailored to meet your exact needs.

Pay and Charge solutions based on our Accord Payroll system provide you with powerful and comprehensive back office system that are ideal for recruitment and staffing agency operations.

The Accord Invoicing and Credit Control Module offers efficient and accurate billing, direct from payroll data. Fast data input is made easy whether you are entering details onto an employee record, using the Accord Timesheets module for weekly hours and rates, or importing spreadsheets forwarded from employees, clients, or third-party systems. Invoices and payslips can then be printed or sent directly to recipients via email. These fully integrated features combine to help improve your efficiency and cash flow. Integration with financial and front office recruitment systems improves efficiency still further.

From a reporting and business management perspective, the payroll accounts features within the Accord system are capable of maintaining up to 10 levels of accounts analysis.

Accord Payroll can be configured to process automatic expenses and benefits calculations, umbrella company calculations, Ltd company and self-employed contractor payments.

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Depending on the needs of your company, we can provide in-house software, outsourced payroll, or hosted software. This means that our solutions are competitive and effective whatever the size of your organisation. Key benefits include:

  • Timesheet Data Entry (centralised or distributed over many sites)
  • CIS Online Verification and Returns Submissions
  • Invoicing and Credit Control (with emailed invoices and statements)
  • Online Payslips, e-p60, Reporting and Data Entry

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Payroll Business Solutions partner with leading front office recruitment systems provider, IQX, (link opens IQX website), enabling us to offer fully integrated end-to-end Recruitment solutions that offer better a host of automated features. We have already undertaken a number of successful joint projects.