Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Services from Payroll Business Solutions

Highly competitive Outsourced Payroll solutions based on our own software technology that includes RTI and Auto Enrolment...

Payroll Business Solutions are a Bacs Approved Bureau and offer a wide range of outsourced payroll services from simple payslip printing to Fully Managed Service. Our own Accord Payroll Software system is used for all service offerings. Because we don't rely on a third party provider, we can keep our costs low, which means competitive prices for customers without compromise on quality.

Payroll Bureau Service comes with a full licence for Accord Payroll Software. Users enjoy control and flexibility, while we take care of routine tasks. These can include payroll processing, paper payslip production, online payslips/eP60/P11D, electronic and/or printed reports, Bacs file production (and optional submission), P45 production, payroll cost journal export, and end of year processing. Users normally submit RTI files using our software and can also use it to administer Pensions Auto Enrolment.


If the assistance you require with payroll is minimal, we can provide very specific services such as payslip printing or online payslip hosting.

Our outsource payroll clients benefit from:

  • Online data entry
  • Online validation reports and authorisation
  • Online post-update reports - P32 Substitute, Payroll Summaries, Accounting reports etc.
  • Online payslips and P60s for employees
  • Email payslips, eP60s and P11Ds
  • Use of HMRC Data Provisioning Service (Tax Code Updates, Student Loan Notifications and Employer Reminders, Employer Notifications, NVR responses)
  • Pensions assessment and Auto Enrolment functions or services
  • RTI filing
  • Bacs approved bureau

By using our outsourced payroll services, you'll be able to save time and money as well helping to care for the environment by reducing your reliance on paper output.

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